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Ancillary Products

Improving patient outcomes with innovative drug therapies.

Ancillary Products

Additionally, Rockwell offers blood tubing sets, fistula needles, vinegar (5% acetic), salt pellets and other related items in combination with its concentrates, enabling your dialysis center to order and receive products more efficiently. Rockwell’s knowledgeable staff will assist you with your specific needs.

The Next Generation in Blood Tubing

Arterial line – Venous line
High blood flow
Transducer protectors attached
I.V. administration set included
Color coded clamps
Luer-Lock connectors
Large, latex free injection sites
Two injection sites on venous line
Anti-foaming drip chambers
Rigid pre-pump chamber

Special Safety Features Reduces Risk of Accidental Needle Puncture

Permanent safety lock
Pre-removal activation
Easy to use occlusion clamp
Color coded for easy identification
Siliconized for smoother penetration
Latex free – sterile
Currently available in single pack; 15G or 16G
Engineered from the beginning to be a safety needle