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Calcitriol Vial

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Calcitriol Vial

Calcitriol Vial is the active form of vitamin D. It is conveniently administered to dialysis patients by a registered nurse as an intravenous injection from a vial. Calcitriol prevents and treats SHPT by increasing the absorption of calcium from the diet to correct the serum calcium concentrations. As the serum calcium concentrations increase towards normal, the production of PTH decreases. Calcitriol also stimulates the deposition of calcium into bones to reverse the effects of PTH. By reducing the patient’s PTH level, they have better control and balance of their parathyroid hormone, vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood.

Rockwell’s FDA approved Calcitriol Vial is the lowest cost, lowest dose active form Vitamin D and is conveniently packaged in vials. It is more potent than branded Vitamin D drugs and is shown to be therapeutically equivalent in safety and efficacy to these agents. The 1 microgram (mcg) dose Calcitriol injection is cost effectively administered during each dialysis session. In dialysis patients, Calcitriol Vial is positioned to become the new standard of care in the treatment of SHPT.