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Improving patient outcomes with innovative drug therapies.

Our Dry Acid Concentrate Mixer is designed for our CitraPure® and Dri-Sate® Dry Acid product and allows a clinic to mix its acid concentrate on-site. The clinic technician, using a specially designed mixer, adds pre-measured packets of the necessary ingredients to purified water (AMII standard). Clinics using Dry Acid Concentrate realize numerous advantages, including lower cost per treatment, reduced storage space requirements, reduced number of deliveries and more flexibility in scheduling deliveries, while enabling the Company to reduce distribution and warehousing costs.

Our customers say it best:

“We chose Rockwell’s Dri-Sate® Dry Acid System for all our clinics because it’s the best. It mixes quickly and is 100% accurate. The case packaging is light-weight, it offers bath formulations for all machine types and the mixer’s compact size allows easy installation through standard doorways. Best of all, less deliveries and no more drums.”

Greg Crabtree, Area Technical Manager, West Florida Dialysis Clinics

“Bottom line… all of our clinics use the Dri-Sate® System because it saves money. By eliminating the 55 gallon drum we’ve eliminated the cost of pumping our own drums and we’ve recovered previously wasted acid which was left in the bottom of each drum after the pump-off. We have ten clinics using Dri-Sate® and when you add up our savings the number is huge.”

Michael Williams, Technical Coordinator, Tennessee Kidney Clinics

“Dri-Sate® is so good because it’s so simple. The powder comes in a light-weight box with handles and has all the ingredients inside to make 25 gallons of dialysate. It’s actually easier to mix than bicarbonate. Plus, we’ve gotten rid of our drums, reduced our deliveries to monthly and have extra storage space.”

Doyle Siglin, Chief Technician, Mercy Hospital Dialysis

“We use Rockwell’s Dri-Sate® System exclusively because it brings so much value. It’s less expensive than drums and it’s given us more storage space. It’s also easy to hook up, it mixes quickly and it’s reduced our delivery frequency. I recommend it 100%.”

Phillip Cope, Chief Biomedical Technician, Savannah Dialysis Specialists

“I’ve put the Dri-Sate® System in all five of our clinics because it beats any other product on the market. It’s the smallest, quickest and easiest to operate, and it offers the most formula choices. Also, the Rockwell drivers and customer service department are the best we’ve ever had.”

Dennis Ackerman, Technical Coordinator, Kidney Care P.C.