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Future Product Pipeline

Ferric pyrophosphate citrate offers a unique opportunity to deliver iron and potentially improve the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in many disease states. The development and FDA approval of our IV-delivered product for use in hemodialysis patients is a building block for future formulations of the drug to transform anemia management in patients with other underlying conditions, beyond ESRD patients receiving hemodialysis.

A wide range of chronic conditions can contribute to the risk of iron deficiency and the resulting anemia, including:

Kidney disease

Cardiovascular disease

Patients undergoing oncology treatments

Gastrointestinal disorders

Family history

Excessive blood loss

The risk of anemia increases with age

senior patient with doctor

The company is currently engaged in exploring and prioritizing the most relevant markets where unmet anemia management needs, size of the market, and limitations of current treatment options represent an attractive opportunity for investment in order to deliver value for patients, the medical community, and shareholders.