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Mission & Values

Mission & Values

As a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to transforming the treatment of iron deficiency and anemia, the mission of Rockwell Medical is to improve the lives of very sick patients who suffer from the debilitating effects of this disease.

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Triferic Ferric Prophosphate Citrate

Rockwell Medical’s vision to establish a new standard of care in iron deficiency and anemia management is built on our novel and differentiated core technology platform, Ferric Pyrophosphate Citrate (FPC). Our initial focus is the treatment of anemia in end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Rockwell Medical has developed the exclusive drug therapy, Triferic® (ferric pyrophosphate citrate), which is the only FDA-approved therapeutic indicated for iron replacement and maintenance of hemoglobin in hemodialysis patients.


Rockwell Medical first and foremost values the scientific underpinning of our technology and the potential this represents to be a future standard of care in the treatment of iron deficiency and anemia. We are committed to sustained medical and scientific investments, innovative advancements to extend the reach of our technology, and creating a work environment that attracts and retains individuals committed to our mission and the patients we serve.

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Global Expansion

Rockwell Medical currently supports patient and clinicians through our direct business in the US, and through partnerships in India, China, Chile, Peru, and Canada.

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Rockwell Medical is actively pursuing partnerships to expand distribution of TRIFERIC in global markets. Our recent FDA approval of TRIFERIC AVNU (intravenous formulation) will make the benefits of our novel therapeutic accessible to an expanded population of patients receiving hemodialysis, regardless of the type of technology used by dialysis facilities. We believe TRIFERIC for intravenous administrations will make a global impact for ESRD patients particularly in countries in Europe, China, Japan, and Korea where dialysis centers predominately utilize dry bicarbonate cartridges.

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